About Time Scapes

Established for the purposes of giving people with bad credit a new lease of life, TimeScapes continues to serve customers from the UK without discrimination based on the status of their credit score. We exist for the sole objective of ensuring that people with a poor credit rating get access to loan facilities without going through a lot of hassles. Our commitment to the well being of our esteemed customers has seen us come up with various loan products aimed at giving our customers from wherever they are an opportunity to make a choice based on their preferences.

We understand that most customers make decisions to take out loans blindly without knowing what it means in terms of the money they will eventually pay. As a leading honest lender in the UK, we take the onus upon ourselves to adequately enlighten our customers on bad credit loans, advice them on what it means to take out a loan and their obligations as relates to loans. We take very seriously customer support and always do everything within our power to ensure that all our customers are treated with the respect that they deserve. For this reason, we only enlist the services of highly professional individuals who understand what it means to treat customers with respect.

Our philosophy is to ensure that we get as many people as possible with bad credit get approved for a loan at affordable rates. We believe in inclusivity and that is why we take it upon ourselves to ensure that our customers get the best experience when doing business with us. We do not have hidden fees and our loan products are priced fairly to ensure that our customers are satisfied in every aspect.